The Top 10 DIY Keyboard Kits


Assembling a keyboard from scratch is a pretty exciting affair. This process is made easier by DIY keyboard kits, a variety of which are readily available. These DIY keyboard kits contain the various components needed to create a fully functional keyboard. Moreover, compared to ready-made mechanical keyboards, DIY keyboard kits are customizable. DIY keyboard kits are available in different sizes and specifications, thus catering to everyone’s preference.

Factors to consider when purchasing a DIY keyboard

  • Programmability
  • Connectivity (wireless or USB)
  • Size
  • Lighting (for aesthetic appeal)
  • Price
  • Ready to delve into the exciting world of DIY keyboards? Strap on.


DROP ALT BAREBONES diy keyboard kitThe DROP ALT is a 65% keyboard composed of 67 keys, thus providing a pretty compact design. It is available in a variety of colors and case designs. Additionally, the DROP ALT has a full aluminum frame which ensures rigidity, thus making typing a breeze.


  • Hot-swappable, eliminating the need for soldering
  • Aesthetic RGB lighting, complete with individually lit keys
  • Removable USB Type-C ports
  • Fully programmable therefore enabling easy customization


  • Expensive
  • No wireless connectivity

2. KBD75

KBD75 diy keyboard kitAre you looking for a fun build? KBD75 is the answer. Available in various plate materials and colors, the KBD75 offers high customization levels, and you are guaranteed to have a blast. Moreover, KBD75 is compact, therefore, quite comfortable to use. However, this keyboard requires soldering equipment during assembly, which warrants additional costs and time spent.


  • Has a full aluminum frame ensuring the rigidity of the keyboard
  • RGB lighting is available, though it is more of an under glow and not for individual keys
  • Highly customizable


  • Soldering needed to attach the switches
  • Extra time spent during assembly

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3. TOFU96

TOFU96 is currently the largest keyboard in the TOFU series, with a 96% size estimate. However, it is slightly smaller than full-size traditional mechanical keyboards due to the lack of gaps between the switches. The keyboard is available in two types of cases: aluminum (does not include RGB under glow) and acrylic (has RGB under glow). TOFU96 comes with a brass plate and has a sturdy design.


  • It contains all the keys similar to a traditional full-size keyboard
  • Equipped with RGB under glow, provided you purchase the acrylic case


  • Requires soldering of the switches
  • Its larger size translates to more money needed to buy switches


DROP CTRL TKL diy keyboard kit

The DROP CTRL ticks most of the right boxes. Foremost, it is a full-size keyboard with a sturdy aluminum frame that offers easy customization options. Additionally, it has a built-in switch plate and is hot-swappable. Its floating keycap design adds to the aesthetic appeal of the keyboard.


  • It has dual USB Type-C connection ports
  • Switch sockets are hot-swappable and thus do not require soldering
  • Built-in RGB lighting (under glow)
  • A diverse selection of switches


  • Expensive
  • It only supports 3-pin switches
  • Occasional keyboard chatter


EPOMAKER GK61XS diy keyboard kit

Look no further if you are in the market for a compact, hot, swappable, aesthetic DIY keyboard. The EPOMAKER GK61XS has you covered. This is a 60% keyboard, thus offering the advantage of portability. In addition to having USB Type-C port connectivity, the GK61XS has Bluetooth capability. The keyboard trades aluminum for a plastic case. To increase the rigidity of the keyboard, a metal plate has been installed.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Accepts both 3-pin and 5-pin switches
  • Fully programmable
  • RGB lighting for each key


  • Only available in a plastic case

6. GMMK Pro

GMMK Pro diy keyboard kit

The GMMK Pro offers numerous features that can entice any keyboard lover. It is a 75% keyboard consisting of 83 keys. The hype surrounding the GMMK is due to its aesthetic layout, beautiful sound, and aluminum finish. Compared to other custom keyboards within the same price range, the GMMK Pro rises above the competition. This keyboard is perfect for gaming, compiling emails, internet browsing, and more.


  • A gasket-mounted case that produces a nice typing sound
  • Excellent software
  • 3 and 5-pin hot swapping capability
  • RGB lighting for individual keys


  • Stabilizers tend to become sticky


DROP TOKYO TOKYO60 diy keyboard kit

This keyboard is a 60% style keyboard consisting of 60 keys. Its small size makes it compact and thus portable. TOKYO60 is one of the most affordable DIY mechanical keyboards available on the market. Made of an aluminum frame, the keyboard offers rigidity, making typing easier. The layout of the TOKYO60 is symmetrical, making the keyboard visually pleasing.


  • Programmable thus customization is made easier
  • Affordable
  • Integrated plate coupled with stabilizers


  • An acrylic diffuser is needed to make the RGB under glow visible
  • Only accepts 3-pin hot swappable switches
  • Lacks wireless connectivity


WOMIER K87 TKL diy keyboard kit

WOMEN K87 keyboard is user-friendly, particularly for beginners. The outstanding feature of the K87 is its transparent design which creates a beautiful visual when the RGB lights up. Its acrylic design also enhances the keyboard’s aesthetic. Composed of 87 keys, the keyboard supports the hot-swapping installation of both 3 and 5-pin switches.


  • Muted typing due to the acrylic case
  • Programmable thus easy customization
  • Affordable


  • Lacks wireless connectivity


KEYDOUS NJ80 BAREBONES diy keyboard kit

The NJ80 is a perfect keyboard for people looking for a 75% keyboard, with excellent pocket-friendly customization options. Composed of 80 keys, the NJ80 offers a smooth typing experience free from rattle partly due to its compact design, durable build, and excellent stabilizers. Additionally, the NJ80 has some unique features, such as the volume knob, which simplifies volume control, and the retro look of the keyboard, which appeals to retro-lovers.


  • Bluetooth connectivity coupled with USB Type-C ports
  • Hot-swappable socket
  • Steel plate build which offers rigidity
  • Proper RGB lighting for individual keys
  • Affordable price


  • There is no battery indicator apart from the F12 key that emits a red glow to indicate a low battery
  • The NJ80 lacks a gasket-mounted system

10. MKB87 TKL

MKB87 TKL diy keyboard

For those looking for 87% sized DIY keyboards that are affordably priced, the MKB87 is a perfect choice. This keyboard is excellently built and thus has a sturdy design. Additionally, the MKB87 offers dual connectivity: Bluetooth and Type-C cable. Additionally, the cable is detachable.


  • Hot-swappable and adaptable with both 3-pin and 5-pin switches
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Affordable
  • RGB lighting for each key


  • Lack of software support

The Take Away

Deciding to purchase a DIY keyboard kit can be a difficult decision. This is because it requires extra effort to get a fully functional keyboard. However, it is gratifying to create a custom keyboard. Moreover, with the introduction of features such as hot swapping, customizing your keyboard just got easier. There are a variety of DIY keyboard kits that cater to everyone’s taste. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned keyboard user, something new and unique is available for you. As you shop for your new DIY keyboard kit, ensure you enjoy the experience.


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